Secrets to Identify Original Nivea Natural Fairness
Secrets to Identify Original Nivea Natural Fairness

Detecting if a nivea natural fairness may be difficult because the fake maybe as exact as that of the original and this can be frustrating to return after detecting its fake. Here a lady shares her experience on nairaland website:

Hello nairalanders, I bought fake Nivea from Just rite store tonight. Its so painful because the fake and the original are the same price. Will they take it back if I return it tomorrow? Thanks

Update- Thanks for your comments, I returned it today and I was refunded after trying so hard to convince me that d package is original. Pls be careful when buying from these rubbish stores around because if u don’t check well u won’t know the difference and they will only collect your money and give u fake products.

How to Identify Fake Nivea Natural Fairness – 

Take close look at the color of cover if its similar to the one you already know, also open and check the fragrance of the natural fairness, if it smells odd like the one you know, kindly do not use

How to spot fake nivea cream

But for a more assured way to identify original nivea natural fairness, this is a coined statement from their Nigeria website:

Please share photos of the front, back and bottom side of the bottle through our NIVEA Nigeria Facebook page and we will verify if the product is authentic.

Pictures of Original Nivea Natural Fairness

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9 Comments on Secrets to Identify Original Nivea Natural Fairness

  1. John mary says:

    Did picture of Nivea natural fairness am seen beside dis lady 400ml is not written der or is it the one dat do not have 400ml is original one.pls any nearest shop at ilupaju/ mushin

  2. John mary says:

    I want to know the original and fake Nivea natural fairness and the country dat produce the original one or better still I stay at mushing can u direct me to the nearest shop to get the original Nivea natural fairness.pls can u send the front and back picture of the label

  3. Uba beauty chidinma says:

    I want to know the price for the original Nivea natural fairness and what I can use to identify it

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want to the fake

  5. Aisha mustapha says:

    Yes I want to no fake and original

  6. Aishat Mustapha says:

    I want to know may is fake or original

  7. Mercy says:

    Please how can I no the original Nivea, the one that I bought has a red written on it

  8. Otuyelu peace says:

    I think I just got a fake nivea natural fairness. Wose is I got I from shoprite @Maryland.

  9. Pls I want to know is more this nivea is original

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