Latest Best Makeup Products in Nigeria
Latest Best Makeup Products in Nigeria

When you go to a makeup store to shop for products, or you find yourself in the hands of a professional makeup artist, you may want to know just which products you’re getting. This is just to be sure that you don’t make or break your entire look after using such products.
If you are looking for good makeup brands in Nigeria that you can trust to do your face good, you’ll be glad to know that there are so many of them you’ll love. Here I’ll be showing you 11 makeup brands that are making Nigerians proud and delivering amazing products you can trust.

Overview Of Makeup Products

First off, makeup are cosmetics that are applied to the face to enhance one’s appearance and to look more attractive. Items used to achieve this include; lipstick, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, and several other products.
Makeup brands today are after delivering the best of these products to ensure that users achieve the goal of enhancing their appearance and looking more attractive. This is exactly why you see different brands coming up with different products and competing with one another to provide the best of these products.

Proud Nigerian Makeup Brands With The Best Quality Products

There are a lot of makeup brands making Nigerians proud, delivering the best quality products and playing a huge role in international appearance.
These brands have extremely good quality products that can stand the test of times and have proven to deliver just the best to satisfy customers.
Here are 11 Nigerian makeup brands you may not know about, but you are sure to love because of their high-quality products:

1. Zaron Makeup Brand:

If you have been in Nigeria, or you’re a Nigerian and you haven’t heard of Zaron makeup, then you haven’t stayed for long.
Oke Maduewesi, the founder of this epic makeup brand, gave her all for this to be a success. She has successfully built a great makeup brand that has reached international standard and gotten its products to sit comfortably in almost every box of an average makeup artist in Nigeria.
Zaron makeup brand aims to deliver consistency, quality and value to users in ways that accentuate physical beauty, engender inner satisfaction and self-esteem.

2. Zikel Makeup:

Zikel Cosmetics, owned by Kelvin Ezekiel is a proudly Nigerian, and affordable luxurious quality makeup brand for all skin tones with an international standard for the African makeup lovers.
The brand has been gradually carving a good niche in the makeup industry, with their high standard and very affordable products that are clinically tested and designed especially for the African woman. It has got branches all over Nigeria and even beyond. It has also thrown its door open to youths who want to engage themselves positively to become their own boss by registering as a distributor.

What products does Zikel makeup brand specialize in?

With a vision to become a globally respected beauty brand of African origin; their glow kit mini palette, face definer, pro matte HD foundation, even true foundation, rollable eyebrow pencil, poreless finish primer etc, they are gradually making a good name.

3. Dabota Makeup Cosmetics:

Dabota cosmetics, which was launched by ex-miss Nigeria and beauty queen, Dabota Lawson is a makeup brand obviously made for queens and has her as the face of the brand.
The products are good for all skin types and cater to sensitive skin. They are also paraben-free, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals.
Most of the products are mineral based and oil-free which is perfect for the regular weather condition in the country if its base. And all the lipsticks and lipglosses are infused with Vitamin E.
This goes a long way to show that a beauty queen that has gotten involved in lots of makeup products during her reign, has gotten a great idea to fill in the gap better.

What products does Dabota makeup brand specialize in?

The brand offers products ranging from Hi-Definition foundations, cream foundations, lawless finish foundations, anti-ageing foundations, dual powders, bold lipsticks, lip glosses, different specific foundation brushes and more.

Where to get Dabota makeup products in Nigeria?

You can shop the queens’ products at 27A Admiralty Way Unit 4 Eti Osa, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, or online at Dabota Cosmetics.

4. Nuban Beauty Makeup:

This is an innovative and premium makeup brand based in Nigeria. Nuban Beauty was founded by Stella Ndekile, a Lagos based Medical Laboratory Scientist and part-time makeup artist, and Nigerian celebrity makeup artist, Jane Ogu.
The makeup brand aims at providing quality and affordable makeup products designed especially for the African woman, and they are living up to that.

What products does Nuban Beauty makeup brand specialize in?

Let me tell you, when two makeup artists come together to create their own makeup line, it will definitely be a hit! Exactly why their beauty blenders and eyeshadow palettes are every makeup artist’s dream product! Let’s not forget their mink lashes, lipsticks, makeup brushes, makeup fixing sprays and makeup bags/boxes.

5. Kuddy Cosmetics Makeup Brand:

This is one of the oldest makeup stores in Nigeria with Kudirat Fashola as the CEO. Kuddy Cosmetics is that brand that solves all your makeup problems with the right beauty products. It is a brand that is dedicated to bringing out your inner beauty and enhancing your outer beauty. The products allow the users to be as bold and daring, or as natural and soft as they choose.
The owner, who has been the number one beauty dealer for the Black Opal brand in Nigeria and also retailing other brands such as MAC, Makari, Neutrogena, etc, knows the importance of safe and quality products.

What products does Kuddy Cosmetics makeup brand specialize in?

They have a huge variety of products from pre-makeup application to the actual products for makeup application from their brands and other brands we can trust!

6. Sleek Makeup Studio Nigeria:

This brand was founded by two sisters (I see there’s a thing going with two sisters, lol), Dr Ebele Ugochukwu (dermatologist) and Ify Ugochukwu.
The two sisters cemented Sleek as the premier beauty brand in Nigeria with its highly publicised and well produced ‘Face of Sleek’ competition/model search.
After settling comfortably in the consciousness of many Nigerians, the company has remained committed to providing the Nigerian public with quality goods and services while evolving to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment.

What products does Sleek makeup brand specialize in?

This brand is dedicated to providing you with the best in Makeup, Skincare and even Hair products that encourage you to be kind to your skin. Their products are designed to help you feel and look your best by providing sophisticated, world-class luxury products at an affordable price.

7. Yanga Beauty Makeup Brand:

This is a new brand that has collected the hearts (and money) of many Nigerians. This makeup brand is run by Jennifer Lisa Uloko and it happens to get most of its publicity from the amazing “browlution” eyebrow pencil and beautiful metallic highlighters in 4 shades.
Yanga Beauty is the innovative powerhouse behind extraordinary beauty product and services in Nigeria, suiting every need and ensuring you get value for your money through effective customer experience and product education.

What products does Yanga Beauty makeup brand specialize in?

Yanga Beauty specializes in beauty products, makeup, makeup instruments, and skincare products. From beauty blenders, matte lipsticks, clear glosses and lots more, you can find just what you need if you want to make them your brand!

8. BMPRO Makeup:

This brand claims to be a stamp of unrivalled quality, professionalism and excellent services; honestly, they are totally living up to that.
Banke Meshida-Lawal, who is the owner of this makeup brand is one of the best makeup artists in Africa who is great at making people look effortlessly beautiful and flawless by just accentuating their right features.
This brand, which is one of the foremost Nigerian makeup brands that has already made a name for itself, has the Nigerian weather at heart when creating its products.

What products does BMPRO makeup brand specialize in?

Their products are high pigmented long-lasting and hypoallergenic. You can shop their range of products from foundations, powders, lipsticks, eyeshadow pigments and lots more.

9. Kilienma Makeup Brand:

Kilienma natural makeup brand is owned by two sisters who appreciate fairness and transparency, with Chinenye Umeike as the CEO of the brand.
This particular makeup brand is of an Igbo origin and the name itself means ‘Look at Beauty’. They pride themselves with their cultural heritage by naming their products in various indigenous languages.
Kilienma is for the nature lovers as the products are wholly handmade with natural and toxic-free chemical ingredients for people interested in getting only safe things on their skin.
They are involved in creating healthier alternatives with their makeup consisting mainly of natural and nature-derived ingredients which are carving a niche for them in the makeup industry.

What products does Kilienma Beauty makeup brand specialize in?

Currently, they have got products ranging from eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks.

10. House Of Tara Makeup Brand:

In case you don’t know, you can’t talk about Nigerian makeup brands without talking about the brand that paved the way for all the other brands in Nigeria.
House of Tara founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye, a makeup artist and lawyer, is a pioneer in the beauty and makeup industry in Nigeria which keeps getting better every year. It was born out of the need to fill a gap in the makeup world for Nigerian women and to promote homegrown glamour.
One of the aims of this brand is to share the Nigerian culture with the world and we can all see that in the names of the various lipstick shades the brand offers.

What products does House of Tara makeup brand specialize in?

The brand is worth all the hype when it comes to quality, shade ranges and affordability. House of Tara has products like mascaras, foundations, powders, highlighters, lipsticks, contouring palettes, eyeshadows, brush sets, lip liners and more.

Where to get House of Tara makeup products in Nigeria?

Shop for the house of Tara makeup products at Suite C11 – C12 Saham plaza, Plot 10 Alexandria Cres, Wuse 2 or Shop L21A Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja or online at Jumia or House of Tara online store.

11. Taos Cosmetics Makeup Brand:

This beautiful Nigerian makeup brand, Taos, is owned by Vanessa Onwughalu. The brand is all luxurious and still affordable.
The products are made with botanical natural ingredients that are good for sensitive skin and also made with lots of love! If you have ever come across “Taos glow” or “Taos Hollywood”, then you must have run into someone that has used the highly pigmented and easy to blend eyeshadow from the brand.

What products does Taos makeup brand specialize in?

With versatile products ranging from lipsticks, eyeshadows, lip glosses, shimmer oils, highlighters, bronzers and blushes, this is a brand that is not out to play! They have also become the pioneering brand for a highlighter in African countries and their shimmer oil is definitely a must-have!

Phew! That took a while to finish deciding and writing. There are more makeup brands in Nigeria, but the above ones are those ones that have made very good progress and are loved by many. I also picked them myself to review based on personal experience and comments from other users who have tried them out.

In conclusion,

These brands have all got very good quality products made with amazing ingredients; fair prices that are worth each product and a good name to ensure you are not going to regret your choice. If you need an android makeup app to help perfect your skills with these products while on the go

So, have you tried any of these brands? If yes, what was your experience with their products?
Are they still new to you? If yes, do you think they are worth trying out?
Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment box below!

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