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Boosted Views – Afrolet Promote & Win

The boosted views was integrated into the Afrolet Promote and Win Session as an alternative means for shop owners with lesser fan base to boost their views The lowest amount of views a shop owner can boost is 2 views and each boosted view cost 30 Naira Please note that the boosted view option will … Continue reading “Boosted Views – Afrolet Promote & Win”

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airbed prices in nigeria
Affordable Air Bed Prices in Nigeria

If you want a mattress that is portable enough to be considered convenient, classy, easy to move, classy and guarantees amazing relaxation experience, then you an air bed should be at the very peak of your list. Air beds are generally regarded as one of the best forms of bed for relaxing, stretching the muscles … Continue reading “Affordable Air Bed Prices in Nigeria”

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submersible pumping machine price in nigeria
Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in Nigeria

In many parts of Nigeria, water supply is not reliable at best and not available at worst. This explains why most people and families have devised different ways of sourcing for water for domestic use. From fetching water from rivers and digging water wells to building sophisticated borehole water systems, there are many different channels … Continue reading “Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in Nigeria”

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macbook pro price in nigeria
Affordable Macbook Pro Prices in Nigeria

As expected, the Macbook Pro arrived with a premium design common with Apple products. Measuring just over 2 cm thick, the latest Apple Macbook Pro wields the power of a Kaby Lake processor with an all-purpose single port that accepts any type of input. While the processor is super-fast and really impressive, same cannot be said about … Continue reading “Affordable Macbook Pro Prices in Nigeria”

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shoe sewing machine prices in nigeria
Shoe Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Shoe making has become a fast-growing industry in Nigeria. There is no doubt that the demand for shoes is high and the market is huge. This has led to the proliferation of shoemakers (not cobblers) across the country. However, there is an intensifying competition between foreign shoes and those made locally. Truth is, if you … Continue reading “Shoe Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria”

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psp price in nigeria
Best Cheapest PSP Prices in Nigeria

One cannot underestimate the impact video games have had on Nigerian youths of today. It has not just formed an integral part of their lives, it has also influenced a lot of things, including the way they think, approach problems and analyse challenges. While the world has been moved with the invention of several video … Continue reading “Best Cheapest PSP Prices in Nigeria”

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xbox 360 price in nigeria
Affordable Xbox 360 Prices in Nigeria

Over the past decade, video games became an integral part of the social lives of youths. With the creation and constant update of these games, one cannot help but notice the satisfaction and intense pleasure derived from them. Game developers are relentless in their quest to continually bring the best of technology and innovation in … Continue reading “Affordable Xbox 360 Prices in Nigeria”

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playstation 4 price in nigeria
Cheap Playstation 4 Prices in Nigeria

As a youth in today’s world, it is normal to have that one thing that makes you feel relaxed and happy whenever you choose to do it. While most ladies would have various options to choose from, majority of the guys and some ladies would prefer to spend their leisure playing video games. Gaming not … Continue reading “Cheap Playstation 4 Prices in Nigeria”

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white cement price in nigeria
Cheapest White Cement Price in Nigeria

Also known as POP cement, white cement is used to produce white concrete for attractive and classy construction projects as well as building decorations. Before now, it’s not so widely used in Nigeria, but the demand is now on the increase due to increasing demand for POP ceilings, pillars, parapets, brightly colored concrete and mortars … Continue reading “Cheapest White Cement Price in Nigeria”

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sukam inverter prices in nigeria
Best Sukam Inverter Prices in Nigeria

In a previous post, I have taken care of prices of several inverter types, sizes and products in Nigeria. In this post, I’ll pay particular attention to a brand; “Sukam”. If you know inverters and have a knack for quality, you must have come across Sukam inverters one way or another. It is a very … Continue reading “Best Sukam Inverter Prices in Nigeria”

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