rolex watch prices in nigeria
Cheapest Rolex Watch Prices in Nigeria

Your outfit is never complete without a wristwatch. No matter the occasion, time of the day or the kind of outfit you are one, a watch is always one of the most important of your dressing. Some even believe that just like shoes, your wristwatch says a lot about you and your personality. The truth … Continue reading “Cheapest Rolex Watch Prices in Nigeria”

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cashmere fabric price in nigeria
Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria and Why they are Expensive

Cashmere fabrics rate among the most expensive fabric types in Nigeria today. Asides the fact that they are generally seen as one of the very best in the market, they are comfortable to wear and are known to be in a class of their own. The fact that it is also dynamic and can be … Continue reading “Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria and Why they are Expensive”

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prices of industrial sewing machines in nigeria
Prices of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria.

The fashion industry in Nigeria has come of age. What this suggests is a heightened competition between fashion designers across the country. The good thing is, the market is in Nigeria, and you will be amazed at how much requests cloth makers get on a daily basis. The best way to meet these huge remands … Continue reading “Prices of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria.”

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Industrial Sewing Machine Price List In Nigeria
Industrial Sewing Machine Price List In Nigeria

Sewing machine is the most important equipment among the tools needed by any fashion designer because nothing tangible would be achieved without using a sewing machine. Apart from its primary assignment which is to join two or more pieces of cloths together, sewing machine equally performs some unfamiliar functions which can only be done by … Continue reading “Industrial Sewing Machine Price List In Nigeria”

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fantastic curls
22 Types of weavons and their names

Below is a compiled list of different types of weavons and their names  Just like any other beauty product, you need to know different types of weaves and their names to get the perfect result. Furthermore, not knowing the weaves type, name and the bundle size you need can result in purchasing the wrong hair, … Continue reading “22 Types of weavons and their names”

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side effects of bare lift
Side Effect of Bare Lift

Compared to traditional bras, strapless bras, and push-up bras, Bare Lifts have a lot more advantages. For those who have smaller breasts, it will certainly help you make your breasts appear bigger and more attractive. Not just that even though it does not have straps, it can still be used even if you are one … Continue reading “Side Effect of Bare Lift”

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how much is bare lift in Nigeria
How Much Is Bare Lift in Nigeria

IF you’ve been considering going through with painful operations to enhance your bosom Bare Lifts is now available to help you. For those who does not know it yet and for those who have not yet used it, Bare Lifts are a kind of bra that is invisible and will truly give your breasts a … Continue reading “How Much Is Bare Lift in Nigeria”

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how much is auto gele in nigeria
How Much Is Auto Gele In Nigeria

The gele is a part of traditional womenswear in Nigeria, and is usually the indicator of fancy dress, much like a fascinator or a hat is in the Western world. Geles have been worn by Nigerian women for decades, but in recent years have become the ultimate fashion accessory for an owambe – your slay … Continue reading “How Much Is Auto Gele In Nigeria”

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how much is 360 lace frontal
What is 360 Lace Frontal

What is 360 lace frontal closure? 360 Lace frontal closure are the new trend of hair weaves in the market. With the new hair closure type-360 degree lace frontals, Ladies now can easily get the high ponytail hairstyle. Regular lace closures are only installed at the front of the head, whereas, 360 lace frontal goes … Continue reading “What is 360 Lace Frontal”

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how much is human hair wig
Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale

To be sincere when I first heard the word “Human Hair” I shuddered to think if it was real human hair. I bet I was very surprised when I learnt that the human hair was truthfully referring to real human hair. Although in the market you would find a lot of fake human hair parading as original hair. … Continue reading “Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale”

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