Contact Afrolet Support


I can not Upload a cover photo or image :
If you are faced with this, please Kindly change the browser you are using. This issue is common with opera mini users
Or you can simply send us your Complaint to our mail via

How do I Open a Shop:
Kindly Click the Sign up link. Once you are registered, you will be logged in automatically. Once you log in, you are redirected to your Account Profile Page
Proceed to Clicking the "Upgrade to Shop" button and fill in the appropriate shop information

How to Upload an Ad:
Click on the Upload Ads in your shop and then fill in all necessary information on the form

I don't want to create a shop I just want to post an item I have:
To do this, Go to Quick Ads then sign up or login your account and then fill in the appropriate information of the item you want to upload

How do I connect to Sellers or Buyers:
If you see any item you would love to have, Kindly click the shop username under the item photo and then get the contact of the shop owner and call them you can tap on the negotiate button under the item photo to start chatting with the product owner

How do I increase my Shop ranking:
This is use determine shops and products that appear more in our search and our featured ads for easy access by users
You can rank your shop more by following these simple steps: Uploading more items
Having more views to your shop