Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Afrolet and how it works which will be very helpful for you

How it Works is the first user to user e-commerce platform in Nigeria that allows sending and receiving of payment while prioritizing buyer's interest and security. Here is how it works:
  • Sign up on Afrolet
  • Fund Your Afropaylet
  • Search and Place an order for any item of your choice with your name and location
  • The cost of the item is automatically deducted from your Afropaylet and sent to the seller/shop owner
  • The seller/shop owner is notified of your order and delivers the order to you
  • When you receive the order, if it is what you ordered for and what you like, you go ahead to approve the order otherwise you can reject the order and the fund will be credited back to your Afropaylet
  • How to Create a Shop/Become a Shop Owner
    To create a shop on Afrolet, kindly follow these simple steps:
  • Sign up on Afrolet with a valid email address and strong password
  • Tap on Upgrade to Shop from your profile page after sign up
  • Enter Appropriate details about your shop/business from the form and then submit
  • If you have social media pages, you can optionally enter your handles in the next page or skip this stage
  • Next is to upload a coverphoto of your shop - It can be your logo or anything that represents your shop
  • That's all, you can proceed to start uploading ads in your shop
  • Are only Shop Owners Allowed to Upload Ads?

    No, you can just sign up as a user and still upload ads. Although upgrading to a shop gives you access to more features like creating delivery tracking code and receiving payments on Afrolet

    Who Can Create a Shop?

    You must not be into buying and selling to create a shop on Afrolet. If you are into any commercial activity, you run a brand, you have a business or any other stuff you feel like to promote, you can create a shop for it and start uploading ads of what you do. Afrolet is opened to everyone

    What is Delivery Tracking?

    If you run a logistics company, Afrolet has made it much easier for you to generate tracking code for your customers to track their delivery instead of spending huge amount of money developing a website and guess what? Its absolutely free
    This feature is not only limited to those who are in to logistics services, as a seller/shop owner, whenever someone orders for your item on Afrolet or outside Afrolet, you can easily make use of this feature for them to easily track the status of their delivery

    How do I generate a delivery tracking Code

    To generate a tracking code, simply go to your account page and click on Delivery menu under any of the ad you want to generate a tracking code for. To be able to make use of this feature, you need to have upgraded to a shop.

    How Do I Track A Delivery

    To track a delivery, simply go to and then input the tracking code given to you by a shop owner. Or you can click on menu icon and then click on track a delivery for easy navigation

    Placing Request on Afrolet (How to)

    Do you have an item in mind you want to purchase but you are finding it hard to see someone who may be willing to sell it to you at your own budget? Well, we have bridged that gap as we introduce the place request feature on Afrolet.
    Now you can easily place a request for what you need stating your budget and interested sellers can contact you for negotiation.
    To place a request, tap the menu icon at the top right corner and tap on place request. You can search request from other users here

    How Do I Upload An Ad?

    To upload an ad on Afrolet, tap the menu icon at the top and then tap on Upload an ad. If you are not logged in, you will be required to log in or sign up after which you will be redirected to the upload page. Proceed to fill the form upload clear images of the item you want to upload. You can leave the filled labeled optional as blank if you want
    If after trying to upload your ad and its not working (which is a very rare case), kindly change your browser and if it still doesn't work, you can kindly contact us for support

    I cant delete an Ad
    If you are unable to delete your ad, possible reason maybe because you have an active affiliate channel which you have to deactivate first or when there is a pending order for that ad
    Is Afrolet Free

    Using Afrolet is absolutely free from uploading ads to creating a shop and every other aspect. We only collect certain percentage (5% - 10%) from each successful sales of a shop owner on our platform which does not affect the buyer or when you want to cancel an order (we charge ₦10 when you cancel an order so as to prevent users randomly placing orders and misleading shop owners)
    Finally, funding your Afropaylet may attract a very small charge by the payment gateway

    How Will I Know When Someone Places an Order for my Ad

    You will be notified via email and your notification page on your account

    How Can I Check for Pending Orders

    Once you are logged in on Afrolet, tap on menu icon at the top and then tap on My Orders. You can switch the tab between My Orders (shows order you placed on other ads) and pending orders (shows order that other users placed on your ad)

    How Can I Save an Ad

    If you see an ad you like and may want to check through it later, tap on the ad to see more details about the ad and then tap on Save button under the photo of the ad. You can check your saved ads by tapping on menu and then tapping on My Saved Ads

    What is Afropaylet

    Afropaylet is just your digital wallet on Afrolet which you can fund and make withdrawals from and also check incoming and outgoing transactions

    How Can I Fund My Afropaylet

    Funding your Afropaylet is very easy. Once you are logged in, simply click on the menu icon at the top and then tap on My Afropaylet and you will be taken to your Afropaylet page. Tap on Fund Afropaylet, then from the pop up form, select your preferred amount, enter your 11 digit phone number and then submit. You will be taken to a payment gateway to complete your transaction with either credit card or mobile transfer (a charge from payment gateway will be added to the amount you want to fund which will be shown to you before payment)
    Please note that all your funding will go to your spendable balance and your spendable balance can not hold more than ₦50,000 at a time for now
    If you encountered any issue during funding, you can kindly contact us for assistance

    What is the minimum deposit/funding on Afrolet

    For the first and second time deposit, the minimum amount is ₦350 and subsequently, the minimum amount will be ₦1,500

    Placing Withdrawal Request

    To place a withdrawal request, you must have updated your withdrawal details and have a minimum of ₦3,000 in your withdrawable balance. Withdrawal payment may take upto 1 - 3 working days depending on volume of pay out that period

    How Can I Receive Orders from Afrolet Users
    To be able to receive orders/payment from other users on Afrolet, make sure you follow these steps:
  • You have upgraded your account to a shop
  • You added a price between ₦1,000 to ₦50,000 to the product(ad) during upload
  • How Can I Place Orders on Afrolet
    Search Afrolet and tap on any ad you wish to purchase. After the full details of the ads is displayed, tap on place Order and then submit your contact details.
    You will be able to place order on Afrolet if:
  • You have enough funds in your spendable balance that can cover the cost of the item you want and the delivery fee as stated on the ads page
  • The price of the item is between ₦1,000 to ₦50,000
  • After placing an order, you can tap menu icon at the top and then tap on My Orders to approve or reject the order
    Only approve any order after you have received it and you are satisfied with it
    How Can I Create an Affiliate Channel?
    To create affiliate channel, go to your your profile page and then tap on affiliate under any ad of your choice and activate the affiliate channel. Kindly note that you will not be able to update or deactivate the affiliate channel until after three 3 days and this feature is only available to shop owners
    How Do I Earn From Affiliate Channel?
    Before you an start earning from Affiliate channels, you have to be an active user by funding your Afropaylet atleast once with any amount. After you become an active user, you can join as many affiliate channels here of your interest. To see all the affiliate channels you have joined and your affiliate link, tap on Menu and then tap My Affiliate Channels, then tap on joined channels
    As an affiliate agent, you can share your affiliate link to your friends and contacts that may have interest in the product and who ever make a purchase via your affiliate link, you earn a commission to your withdrawal balance on your Afropaylet
    Always check the Pay per sale which is the commission you will get from every approved sale you bring to a shop owner
    Once someone clicks on your affiliate link, that user will automatically be registered in their browser under you so that even if they decide to come back after a short while to purchase that item without clicking your affiliate link, you will still get your affiliate commission
    How Can I Earn from Invitees
    On your profile page, you are provided with an invite link to invite your contact and friends to register on Afrolet. When a user signs up through your invite link and they fund their Afropaylet with any amount for the first time, you get instant withdrawable ₦200
    Kindly note that your invitees have to fund their Afropaylet within 24hours after registration and you have to be an active user to benefit from this. To become an active user, you should have funded your Afropaylet with any amount atleast once
    How Do I Reactivate My Account After being blocked
    We frown at any attempt to fraud anyone via our platform or using any malicious means to gain invites. Once your account is blocked, it may not be reactivated although you can submit a complain to us if you feel your account was blocked wrongly for review
    How Do I Report An Account
    If you feel any account is suspicious, you can do good by submitting a mail to us via: with the username of the account and reason for the report
    How Can I Contact Afrolet
    If you have complaints, suggestions or reports, kindly contact us via any means here