Disadvantages Of Nivea Natural Fairness
Disadvantages Of Nivea Natural Fairness

Nivea is giving the people what they want: lighter skin. That’s what the company explains on the Nigerian derivative of its website to promote “Natural Fairness” lotion, a moisturizer said to inhibit melanin enzymes and lighten skin.

Perhaps in an effort to avert criticism, Nivea’s Nigerian site explains the rationale behind the product, writing:

We develop our products in view of helping consumers to maintain their skin’s health and beauty. This development is of course geared towards consumer’s wishes and needs which are not the same globally. Whereas, Europeans often wish to have a tanned skin, beauty in Asia and Africa is often connected to a lighter complexion. As a manufacturer of cosmetic products, we try to develop products which respond to these cultural preferences, however, of course always in line with current health and safety requirements. This is the reason why for example many of our products used outside in the sun (e.g. face care) contain sun protection filters. Our products may help consumers to reach their beauty ideal which is formed by their cultural background.

From the Company website, they clearly gave full explanation about this product and answered some questions that may be bothering your heart. You can visit the page via: https://www.nivea.com.ng/highlights/natural-fairness


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  1. Chidinma says:

    I want to buy nivea natural fairness ,how will I know the original one

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