Nivea Natural Fairness Cream Price In Nigeria
Nivea Natural Fairness Cream Price In Nigeria

According to the company, The innovative formula of NIVEA Natural Fairness Body Lotion gives the desired benefits via combined effect of the active ingredients. It works through two mechanisms:

i) Skin Lightening by reducing or inhibiting overall skin pigmentation. Active ingredients added to the formula (licorice extract and Octadecenedioic acid) are known to facilitate skin lightening by acting on the melanin producing enzyme, tyrosinase.

ii) UV protection – The sunscreens added to the formula help in maintaining skin colour by protecting skin from harsh UV rays thus protecting the skin from hyperpigmentation and future skin darkening.

How Much Is Nivea Natural Fairness In Nigeria

The price of Nivea Natural fairness in Nigeria ranges from N2700 to N4500 depending on the platform you are purchasing it from and depending on the people you

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