legitnewshausa official website
legitnewshausa official website

From the official website of BBC Hausa, they wrote:

BBC viewers in the UK and around the world see it as a reliable source of information. Our internet sites, such as our television and radio stations, are honest and impartial and self-reliant and fair.

Our rules of journalism say: “Everything we do depends on the trust of our followers in our programs. We are free and we do not discriminate and we uphold the truth. We restore We are committed to reaching the pinnacle of truth and non-discrimination and we are determined to avoid deceiving our followers, either knowingly or unknowingly.

“Our commitment to non-discrimination is the cornerstone of this trusting relationship. In all of our programs, we will look at every fair and honest news. We will look at all the important information in a fair and honest manner.”

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