How To Change My Bvn Phone Number Online
How To Change My Bvn Phone Number Online

Looking for how to change number on bvn which also includes how to change your name or date of birth on your bank verification number. This article will guide you on how to do that.

Have you been in a situation where you want to check your bvn using the *565*0# ussd code, and couldn’t cause the number isn’t linked with your bvn.

However, it can be more painful when trying to link your bvn to your new bank account, and couldn’t cause of name or date of birth mismatch or arrangement.

This situation is really annoying and the only way is to resolve the issue, and i will only guide you on how to go about it.

How to change number on bvn

If your looking for how to change my bvn phone number online, i’m sorry to tell you that it isn’t possible at all, especially at this moment.

To change number on bvn, you have to head over to your bank and speak with the customer service representative. All you have to do is request that you want to change the phone number, linked to to your bvn.

The customer service representative will request for your bvn, and means of identity.

This is to tell you that if you’re going to the bank, go your ID card. Be it voters card, national passport and make sure that the name, date or birth, address and picture tallies with your bank verification number.

This will make the bank customer service representative confirm that you’re the owner of the bvn.

After the confirmation, he or she will change number on bvn to the phone number. With that you can access your bank verification number on your new phone number.

If you’re looking for how to change bvn phone number online, that isn’t possible cause the bank need to see your face, your means of identification (ID) before they can go ahead to do it.

Do you know that there is a situation whereby you want to enroll for bvn, on getting to the bank and get yourself registered, the bank will tell you that the phone number is already linked to a bvn.

In this type of case you can dial *565*0# to see if it will bring out 10 digit numbers. If it does, then be rest assured that the number is linked to a bvn.

What you need to do is to buy a new sim card with latest number and not old reshuffled number, use it to register for bvn.

How to correct name and date of birth on bvn

This issue is very common especially if you opened a new account and wants to link your bvn to it. You will be seeing mismatch error message on your screen.

At times it can be name arrangement that didn’t tally with how your name is written on the bvn.

For Example: Your name is Obi Chukwuebuka Samuel, Obi is your last name, Chukwuebuka is your first name, while Samuel is your middle name. And this is how it is on your bank account.

But on your bvn, Obi is your last name, Samuel is your first name, while Chukwuebuka is your middle name.

Some banks wouldn’t mind that the name arrangement isn’t correct and link your bvn, while some will request that you should correct it before linking your bank verification number to your account.

In the case of wrong name, you only need to correct it using your ID like voters card, national ID card, national passport etc.

Go to the bank, move straight to the customer service section and speak with the representative. You’ve to tell them that there’s a mistake on the name written on your bvn.

You’ll be issued a form (bvn amendment form) to fill, complete it and return it back to the customer service representative with your means of identification.

In the case of wrong date of birth, you have to swear an affidavits in the court, which proves that the name on your ID card is correct.

Even if you go with your birth certificate, the bank won’t accept it unless you have your affidavits with you.

Through the affidavits given to them, they will change your date of birth to the correct one.

Note: Changing or correcting your name and date of birth usually take effect after two to seven days, though it depends on your bank.

How to change my bvn phone number online

I’ve gotten lots messages of people asking if it is possible to change my bvn phone number online? The answer to this question is hundred percent NO. There’s no way you can change anything on your bvn without going to the bank.

Bank verification number is treated with lots of precautions, so banks always request that an individual that wants to makes any changes to its bank verification number must do it in the bank, and this requires the use of id.

You cannot change your bvn number through internet banking, mobile app, ussd or by calling your bank. But better still you can still contact them and they might assist you especially if you’re not in Nigeria, or staying in a remote area.

So i hope I’ve answered the question on how to change my bvn phone number online. If you have any further question question on bank verification number, please kindly direct it to your bank thanks.

How to link your bvn to your account

There are up to four methods which you can link your bvn to your bank account, and they are;

  • Through ussd code
  • Through internet banking
  • Through bank bvn portal
  • Through sms

Through Ussd Code: Requires you to dial your bank ussd code and through it you can link your bvn to your new bank account.

For example, *945*bvn#. And it will immediately link your account to your bank verification number.

Through Internet Banking: For those that have internet banking, banks made a provision that their customers can link their bank verification number to their account.

To do that, simply log in to your internet account, click on the option menu and you will see the option to link your bvn.

Through SMS: Another method is through sms, banks like Access bank and Gtbank made a provision that one can link their bvn to their bank account by simply sending an sms.

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