Zaron Powder Zz45 Price in Nigeria
Zaron Powder Zz45 Price in Nigeria

In barely two years of existence, this indigenous brand Zaron make-up and cosmetics has become a leading name for providing quality hair and cosmetics for Black women.

With beauty products specially formulated for the black skin tone and tropical climatic conditions, concerns about runny makeup, inadequate colour shades and storage have now become a thing of the past for those who have embraced Zaron.

The brand prides itself as being one of the few makeup brands that are oil-free and also contain (SPF) Sun Protection Formula. From eyeliners to lipliners, concealers and loose powders, eyeshadow and lipsticks and even brushes, Zaron has become the new common ground for all women who pay attention to how they look.

How much is Zaron Powder Zz45?

The price of Zaron Powder Zz45 in Nigeria ranges from N4000 to N6000 depending on your location


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