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Ankara Styles Gown

Ankara Styles Gown

Ankara Styles Gown

The ankara styles gown fashion mode of dressing has been getting considerably high attention by so many people recently as it stands as one of the best form of show casing different ankara dress styles and patterns that can not really be used on English dress

This form of dress is most common in Nigeria and mostly worn by the Yoruba tribes for special occasions and parties usually called “Owambe” and these ankara skirts and blouses are sometimes used for Asoebi when it comes to traditional wedding in Nigeria

Although, other tribes are slowly kicking into wearing it like the igbo and Hausa which are the major tribes in Nigeria and even other minority tribe in Nigeria.

Aside the fact that this dress are mostly worn by women, even men now a days have adopted this ankara style of dressing to Brace up their fashion outfit. They simply sew the shirt down to the thigh level and can either make it long sleeve or short sleeve, then with a trouser of the same material and then they either wear it with sandal or shoe but whichever way, the dress always comes out perfect

Latest Ankara Styles Gown 2017 – 2019 and Nigerian Tailors

One key way of getting the best ankara style is is to choose the latest or a very fine ankara fabrics that is pleasant to the eyes. But aside that, the main work relies on the type of tailor you give to handle your fabrics in giving the best design according to your taste.

Most Nigerian tailors are known for their inability to give out perfect design as requested by their customers. It is either the final design is not anywhere close to the expected ankara pattern given to them or they end up trashing the material for you

If none of these happens, then one issue would be getting your materials ready as at the stipulated time. Always try as much as possible to meet them long before the occasion you plan on wearing the ankara gown as this will give them enough time to sew and give the required pattern. Most of them are always busy with alot of work on their hands and if they are put in a rush, they may end up not giving the desired design or even spoiling the material

Latest Ankara Gown Styles Touches

If you want to give the best shot to trendy ankara tops and gowns, then you will have to follow add a touch of the following styles to it

The ankara head tie, Gele as the Yoruba will call it is one key fashion style that gives your ankara dress a touch of classiness. Alot of ladies have difficulties tying gele on their head, and as thus, they either pay others to do it for them or meet a friend to help them handle it. But thank God for the skilfulness of some people who have come up with the Auto gele. You can tap on the auto gele link above to meet a seller of this auto gele on our e-commerce platform.

This auto gele is easy to use as all you will do is simply, get as many as you want and just place it in your head. Since it is already tied, you don’t need to stress yourself to pay others to tie it up for you and it goes a long way to saving your time

More Trending Ankara Dress Tips

Next is having a good Makeup on. This does just give you an edge in your fashion style, it also brings out your beauty. You don’t want to wear a friend dress while your facial look doesn’t watch with it. Even if you can’t really do the make over yourself, you can meet up with one of those make up Artiste out there and pay them a little token while they help you handle that. And when I say make over, I mean even adding eyelashes etc. But if you are not really a fan of make over, you can choose to keep it mild or low as it won’t stop your ankara design from glittering. You can choose to visit Debby GoldCosmetics Store on Afrolet to give you top notch make over

Next thing you should consider is the jewelries you use. These jewelries can be gold in color as that is the most commonly worn jewelries. You should wear it on your ear, your neck and your wrist. If at all you want to keep it mild, you can choose to wear it only on your ear and neck or just your ear depending on the ankara style pattern you choose

Next is your choice of shoe. If you really would want to give the best shot to your ankara dress, you would need to wear a high heeled shoe that matches the color of your ankara material. I believe you won’t even think close to wearing a flat shoe for this sought of almighty slaying dress. You can place your order for some high heel shoes from Afrolet shops

Finally, one of the latest Ankara Styles 2018 for ladies and even 2019 is using a top notch hand bag. Your hand bag should also match your shoe but above all, keep in mind that you dress from head to toe and to your handbag must not be the same. The key is just to keep it simple and also nail it down

Ankara Styles Gown Pictures

Modern Ankara Styles
Ankara Skirt and Blouse
Ankara Fabrics in Nigeria

This ankara fabric was amazingly done by a professional tailor. The lovely design has a slight breast tube, a flailing zig zag design around the tummy section, and a slight opening from the bottom front edge of the gown up to the thigh region. It equally has a well designed chocolate colored hand on one of the shoulders with a star like edge shape around it.

Ankara Skirt and Blouse
Latest ankara fabrics
Latest Ankara Gown

This ankara gown has a short sleeve and the gown touching the feet with a flailing design around the tummy level. This type of ankara material will fit ladies that are pretty light in complexion as it will tend to bring out their skin beauty

Conclusion of Ankara Styles Gown in Nigeria

To conclude, as stated above, all you need is a good ankara fabrics, a well experienced tailor, a good Make over Artiste to bring out your beauty, good high heeled shoe with a combination of a fine hand bag and your jewelries for either ear, hand or the neck. With all these in place, you are good to showcasing your perfect ankara styles

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