What is 360 Lace Frontal
What is 360 Lace Frontal

What is 360 lace frontal closure? 360 Lace frontal closure are the new trend of hair weaves in the market. With the new hair closure type-360 degree lace frontals, Ladies now can easily get the high ponytail hairstyle.

Regular lace closures are only installed at the front of the head, whereas, 360 lace frontal goes all around the head. The 360 degree lace frontals makes it much easier to install and achieve a full natural hair line. The 360 lace closure goes all around the head, and matches with 2-3 hair bundles, you can get a full head of hair weaves. Women do not need to seat 4-5 hours to get your hair weaves installed. With 360 lace frontal and bundles, you can get the full hair weave installed quickly.

With 360 lace frontal you can have various hairstyle option

1. High and medium ponytail hairstyles.

2. Freestyle parting style, you can part your hair weave in your desired direction.

3. No more need to worry about your hair edges being exposed.

360 Lace Frontal Closure Installation

First, put your 360 lace frontal closure on your head and make sure it is aligned with your own hairline.

Second, make your 360 lace frontal closure adhere to you hair with glues, wig tape or sew-in technique, it is upon your decision.

Third, add the hair bundles to the middle part of the 360 hair closure. You may need 2 hair bundles.

How Much is 360 Lace Frontal in Nigeria

Depending on the inches of the 360 lace frontal you want to purchase, usually the price of 360 lace frontal in Nigeria ranges from N29,000 to N50,000 with respect to the quality

A 10 inches 360 lace frontal will cost around N29,000 whilst a 22 inches lace frontal will cost around N50,000

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