Latest Ankara Styles 2020 for Ladies
Latest Ankara Styles 2020 for Ladies

If you are a real fashion killer, it is not enough for you to slay with only english dresses wearing skirt and blouse daily. The new trend in the fashion world is the latest ankara styles 2018 for ladies.

Ankara is most commonly worn by ladies but slowly men are actually adopting the style equally and the number of different styles made with latest ankara fabrics will wow you as they are mind blowing and breath taking.

You can check some more ankara skirt and blouse here but for the sake of this article, we will be showing you some amazing latest ankara styles ideas from 2018 that you can sew and slay with

Starting With Latest Ankara Styles 2019-2020 for ladies

In as much as latest ankara styles are endless, the 2020 pattern is likely to surpass the 2019 pattern in the fashion trend

Below, we show you some fine styles you can choose from and use for that traditional marriage, church program or event /owambe

ladies ankara gown pattern

This latest ankara style goes simply if you use it for a short gown but although the gown should be some what flailing and not really tight

Ankara styles 2017 for ladies

This style was used in form of a jump suit having a belt, a flailing short sleeve and a small opening on the shoulder while on the right part, you can see how it turns out to be a short flailing skirt and a long sleeve blouse worn with a high heel shoe. But whichever style used it also comes out perfect

Long Ankara Gown

This long ankara gown is also one of the latest ankara styles 2020 for ladies and will really be a good trendy style for you when sew it and if you have a good body shape


List of 2020 Ankara Styles and their Names

1. Strapless Six Pieces Long Gown

This is what I call a show-up and show-off kind of look, this is a gorgeous detailed well-tailored six pieces gown that drags attention anywhere it is been worn too. If you are the type that likes to show up and show off then this piece right here is your go-to gown.

2. Long Laced Up Ribbon Sleeve Ankara Gown

This is an exclusive well-tailored laced up Ankara gown, some times even these styles speak for themselves.

3. One-Handed Plitted Flare Gown

This is another classy and elegant Ankara style very unique and trendy also.

4. Shoulder cut Bell Sleeve Penciled Gown

This is super classy super bold and beautiful, nothing too extra just enough sauce for wedding occasions.

5. Classic Long Ankara Kimono Jacket

It sure is very classy even the combination of the outfit is effortlessly beautiful.

6. Simple Netsleeve Penciled Gown

Simple but chic u can always spice up with your gele or not whatever works better for you.

7. Short-Sleeve Statement Ankara Gown

Anyone who know mercy Aigbe will know that she is a nice Fashionista and she never settles for less when it comes to looking nice.

8. Offshoulder Ankara Ball Gown

These days Ankara is more than just clothes we wear to weddings this beautiful ball gown just made it known to us that it could be more. This obviously is a prom dress made with Ankara what a beauty it is.

9. Offshoulder Puffsleeve Mini Penciled Gown

Up your slayage game with this classy shade of awesomeness, you can always spice it up with a headgear it all depends on how it works for you.

11. Spaghetti Strap Plitted Edges Ankara Gown

This is in fact too beautiful no doubt but u can switch up this look by wearing a kimono jacket and a nice pair of sneakers to go from classy to chic.

12. Plain Long Ankara Skirt

This long Ankara skirt is plain no doubt but you can always sauce it up by a shorter crop top on it or a shirt to give you that Friday look to your workplace.

13. Tiny Strap Ruffled Up Ankara Gown

this is a beautiful classy and elegant look and it is a must-have for every boss lady.

14. Offshoulder A shape Flare Gown

This outfit is simple , comfortable very free and convenient but still very classy, this is a must-have for every lady, we call always switch up with a nice pair of sneakers to get that bossy chic look.

15. Flare Sleeve Top With Six Pieces Skirt

This a beautifully tailored skirt and blouse that speaks nothing less than class.

16. Bishopneck Mini Bell sleeve Gown

This is a classy way to show up at any event, the combination of Ankara and plain pattern really brought out the style but the color combination also matters a lot too.

17. Long Slitted Skirt with Long Sleeve Crop Top

This is a very convenient and comfortable style,  the slit in front of the skirt is not too high and not so low just enough to bring out the beauty of the leg, the length of the top too is very important the essence of it all is shed off some beautiful skin.

18. Bogus Sleeve slitted Penciled Gown

If we take a good look at this gown we would see that the sleeve is completely different from the rest of the gown that is where the beauty of the style is also the detailed cut in the boobs area that is just nothing less than classy.

19. Ruffled Sleeve Vneck Short Gown

The length of this gown is just perfect, then we have the sleeve with black ruffles making it not so plain anymore it now depends on how you want to style yours, but this particular look is just so beautiful.

20. Short-Sleeve Flare Gown

That smile on her face is the one you get when your confidence level is topnotch because of what you are wearing and that is exactly how it is supposed to be, the mixture of the material in between is just to spice the simple flare gown up and make it look even more elegant.

21. Mini Plitted Edges Flare Sleeve Gown

Simplicity and Elegance that is exactly what this mini beautiful shade of sweetness is all about.

22. Button Down Long Sleeve Gown With Belt

This is a beauty at its peak, this style is very simple yet a bit difficult because of the bogus sleeve but when matched with beautiful accessories then it will bring out the essence of the whole style.

23. Tiny Strapped Plitted Edges Top With Long Slitted Skirt

For those who say skirt and blouse is going out of fashion well, this has to prove that saying wrong because this is yet another classy very detailed blouse and a simple split skirt and you can’t go wrong by attending a wedding in this beautiful shade of awesomeness.

24. Bow Tied Strapless Long Flare Gown

Make a statement by stepping into a wedding reception in this lovely outfit it can be styled with a gele on it to make it look even more fabulous.

25. Strapless Mini Hip Cape Gown

Bonus: More Ankara Styles


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