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Wireless Microphone Price in Nigeria
Wireless Microphone Price in Nigeria

This is a brand new high quality  professional four channels wireless Microphones. It uses 9v battery

Each one microphone has its own separate channel and each channel has its own code numbers

No jamming, no fm. It has a carrying case/box. The Mic goes far distance up to 350metres range.

It is strong and durable. It also comes with Mic foams, 2 9v battery, in to in wire .4 poles.

Price of Wireless Microphone In Nigeria

The Price of Wireless Microphone In Nigeria is from ₦40,000 to ₦50,000 depending on your location in Nigeria.


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10 Comments on Wireless Microphone Price in Nigeria

  1. Ugoaustin says:

    Really trendy and of great quality, absolutely recommend.

  2. Opelook says:

    Very useful in all sector be it schools, DGs, MCs, Organisation etc. I need to recommend one for my company.

  3. AbdulLawal says:

    A must have for DJs and MCs

  4. Ajagadominic says:

    4 mics? That is great. Get one and you are covered

  5. Felixolumide says:

    The range capacity is quite marvelous.

  6. KingWunmi says:

    Wow so affordable

  7. Jenkinsayako says:

    Didn’t know it was this cheap

  8. Ovigwenesimeye says:

    Cool stuff.

  9. Ovyglobal says:

    Good sound will not be far fetched.

  10. Trendyvee says:

    Lovely mics.

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