Afrolet Promote and Win Contest
Afrolet Promote and Win Contest

As a way of appreciating our users for creating a free shop on, we are organizing this contest of which the aim is to reward three shop owners for promoting their business

How to Participate

To be eligible for the Afrolet Promote and Win Contest, kindly follow these steps:

**Make sure to create a shop on Afrolet. You can simply create a shop here. If you already have an account but have not yet created a shop, kindly login here, tap on the upgrade to shop button and fill in the required details about your business

**Make sure to upload a Cover Photo (Profile Photo) to your shop

** Make sure you have upload atleast two items in your shop

** Following the above listed steps automatically qualifies you for the contest and your shop will appear on the promo page here once you get above 3-5 views


How to Win

The Contest will last for a period of 10 days and we shall be gifting the top 3 shops with highest number of views.

Winners shall be picked based on highest number of views to their shop after the promo contest

You can simply login your account, copy your shop link or share it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram via the respective share icons

Prizes & How to Receive them

To learn more about the prizes to be won and how to collect your prizes, kindly read this article here

What is our Benefit?

This promo contest is totally free to participate in and the essence of the contest is to increase user engagement on our website during the time period which the contest will last

Proud Sponsors

Finix Media Enterprise –

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Afrolet Creations –

Support Contact

For complaints or corresponding issues, Kindly Send us a mail here

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  1. Chikwadoism says:

    supportive idea

  2. Bamdelluxurygifts 🔌 🎁 says:

    Thank you Afrolet!

  3. Runy's stitches says:

    I love afrolet it has help me to reach to so many people with my very own work…… For this I say thank u Afrolet

  4. Beejay says:

    Wow! Look awesome

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