Alpha Skin Care Price In Nigeria
Alpha Skin Care Price In Nigeria

Feed your skin with loving hydration and revitalizing glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). The Alpha Skincare Revitalizing Body Lotion 12 Glycolic AHA delivers head-to-toe, anti-aging treatment. Ridding your body of dead skin cells, AHA helps to reveal healthy, new skin for an allover youthful appearance. This powerful ingredient also visibly evens skin tone and promotes a soft, supple complexion.

Each application reduces signs of aging skin on your neck, chest, hands and all other areas of concern. Dimethicone thoroughly nourishes your complexion with hydration, locking in necessary moisture and slowing wrinkles from forming. This lotion is an everyday essential that meets your skin staple standards.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids: wash away dead skin cells and promote collagen production
  • Dimethicone: soothes dryness and retains moisture in skin



Price of Alpha Skin Care In Nigeria

The Price of Alpha Skin Care In Nigeria ranges Between #22,000 to #24,500 depending on Your location.

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    Skin protection tool

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