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We women go through a lot to keep our body free from infections????????????????????????some has inserted garlic in their private part and the garlic got stuck n decided to make there its home ????????????

When some go to ease themselves in the toilet, people in the house will be covering their noses, due to "fishy smell".........#please #use #Longrich #pantyliner

When you pee at times does the pain you experienced remind you of labour pain????????? How about your menstral circle? Does it act like "danfo conductor??????? Unpredictable????????....#Longrich #Pantyliner is available oooo

When oga is performing do you count the ceiling and sing Davido song " Risky " bcos sex is not interesting????????????...infact you prefer to do all the work in the house than have sex, bcos its painful & fun less????????????

Dont worry!! There's good News????????????????????. #Longrich #Pantyliner is all you need????

Are you the type that period cramp nearly kill every month??????? & are you really tired of having this pain???????.......pls make #Longrich #Pantyliner your hand bag????????????

You don't need to break the bank....#Longrich #Pantyliner is called #EveryWomanCompanion bcos it aids in fertility, wetness, boosting of low libido, itching, menstral irregularities & cramps, fibroids, pile etc..

Just contact me to get yours.......08121987006 my WhatsApp number

Location is never a barrier

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