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08038587449,dealer on all kinds of products e.g. Long rich products,plam oil etc

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Umuohii junction oboama ezinihitte mbaise

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Imo, Ezinihitte
08136972213 Dealers in all kinds of household products such as Liquid soap,Izal,Dettol,Air freshener,vaseline,Haircreams,Body sprays,Insecticides,Bar soap, well as practical trainings.
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Dealers on Alkaline coffee different flavour including sugar free alkaline coffee.You can contact us on +2347031646185 or+2349074694041
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08147265927 (best event manager available, plus specialist in amazing food services, awesome content writer )
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08059959091 please contact us for all ur 100percent cotton bedsheets and duvewe give you the best price
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We sell and deal in Italian products such as Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Shoes, Belts, Ties, among others. Bags are also available at IYANUOLUWA Shops for your patronage. For more details, call/WhatsApp: 08099186668/09081545545
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