Skillup August – Blog Development Training
Skillup August – Blog Development Training

Welcome to Afrolet Creations, we are registered ICT firm with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number: RC: 3050647

We are moved with the zeal and passion to raise young people into the field of ICT irrespective of  whether they are computer literate or not. We have trained over 600 participants for the past two years and our trainings are straight way interactive practical sessions

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We are hosting a massive training on blog Website development which will be the first and last for this year 2020 because we organize practical training sessions online in other ICT skills such as graphics design, digital marketing, video editing and more

What to Learn in the Blog Website Development Class

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We believe you sometimes do have interest in maybe downloading music or surfing the internet to read news or get updates of latest Big brother Naija gist on some websites. Well, its time for you to learn how to create your own blog and how to commercialize it and start creating for other people. These are the following contents we will cover during the course:

** How to Search for a website name

** How to secure a website name for yourself or a client

** How to Host the website to become live on the internet

** How to create a custom official email for websites such as

** Introduction to Basic HTML

** How to Install the blog on your website

** How to Customize the blog

** How to optimize your blog for Search Engine Optimization

** How make use of Google analytics to keep track of your website visitors

** How to Embed Videos and Images on your site

** How to create music download links

** How to make blog posts

** How to work with Plugins to make blogging easy

** How bloggers earn money

** Also how to create blog without coding

Training Duration


The duration of the training will last for 5 days (from the 9th to 14th of August) and by the 2nd or 3rd day, all participants are expected to start creating a blog site and showing it to the Tutor for accessment, correction and rating

Training Venue

For convenience purpose, the training will be hosted on Whatsapp Platform in a closed Whatsapp Group

Training Requirement

african american business woman with phone 1303 9996

Please do note that you do not need any knowledge of computer or website to learn this. We are taking everyone along right from the very root and scratch. Under 3 days you will be happy to have created a sample blog website

All you require for this training is three things:

** Yourself

** Your mobile phone or laptop

** Your registration Fee

Training Fee (N4500)

Usually we charge N35,000 to lecture individual participants on this but since we are teaching everyone along in a Whatsapp group. The strength it will take us to teach one person, we will be teaching over 30-60 participants and thus, the participants will be dividing the cost among themselves and paying a token of N4500

Training Accessment


All participants shall be required for a start to create the following sample blog websites on their own:




Training Certificate

Renewing Your PMP Certification Continuing Certification Requirements

We shall be issuing a digital certificate to all participants from our Company and before you get that certificate, you will have to show us your credibility by carryout all the assessment we will give the participants

Referral Bonus

We shall be giving out a referral bonus of N1000 per referral and those who have upto 2 referrals can join up the class for free. You can message the tutor via whatsapp here to get your referral code

How to Sign Up

To register up for this training Kindly, prepare your registration fee of N4,500 and message our secretary on or before on the 9th of August via whatsapp here

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