Monetizing your Afrolet Account
Monetizing your Afrolet Account

If you are looking for the best way to earn money online with zero capital, zero investment, no referrals and completely free, then here is the right place for you. All you need to do is carry out simple task like sharing a link and you get paid 20kobo or more per each click

We have several ways you can monetize your Afrolet account:

1. Promote Your Business and Earn

Afrolet is an ecommerce website where you can create a free shop online, and then advertise your products/services for free in your shop. It does not end there, we also pay you at random between ₦0.20kb (20 kobo) to ₦2 per person that view(click) your uploaded advert whether they saw it on the website and clicked on your post or whether you share your post link and people clicked on it.

2. Share Sponsored Ad

We have different advertisers queuing up who wants to boost their uploaded products on Afrolet to reach wider customers and they are willing to pay ₦0.50 (50kobo) – ₦5 per click when you share their boosted advert.

3. Partake in Competitive Task and Earn

This section pays more but a bit competitive. We display an ad/product for you to share and the first user to get a total of the stated targeted clicks when they share the ad link will be rewarded with a certain prize to their afropaylet account which can be withdrawn by placing a withdrawal request (The prize reward and clicks may vary base on task). Once the first user reaches the targeted clicks, the competitive task will end for that day till the next day by 8am

3. Invite a friend and earn

Inviting a friend is not compulsory at all but When you invite a friend to signup on, you will get 10% of their total earning when they make their first withdrawal

4. Login Monetization 

We also assist you with l


To start is quite simple, just sign up on afrolet here and once you signup successfully, tap on the orange earn button in your dashboard. After you tap on it, you will see some list of available tasks (ads) you can share and start earning immediately when people click on the link you shared. To monitor how much you have earned, you can tap on the afropaylet button which is next to the orange earn button



You can earn faster if you share those links to social media platforms like:

  • Whatsapp Status
  • Whatsapp Group
  • Telegram Group
  • Facebook group
  • Twitter trends
  • Broadcast message etc

Imagine you shared the link to a whatsapp group of 200 participants and 50 – 100 person clicked on it to view, that will yield you around N25 – N100 at once depending on the shared advert. Now imagine if you are in several whatsapp group, you can be earning upto N200 to N800 daily.

Once your earning reaches ₦1,000, you can place a withdrawal request

Please note that we are not promising you that you will become a millionaire like other platforms claims, rather this campaign was set up so that you can earn little funds to cater for your daily needs and as a way or appreciating our users


We have budgeted a total of ₦800,000 to pay our users. So anytime you share a link and someone clicks on it, the money that will be credited to your Afropaylet account will be removed from the general ₦800,000 we have planned to give out and once the ₦800,000 finishes we will gracefully end the campaign. So now that we are just getting started, take advantage of the opportunity

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