Boosted Views – Afrolet Promote & Win
Boosted Views – Afrolet Promote & Win

The boosted views was integrated into the Afrolet Promote and Win Session as an alternative means for shop owners with lesser fan base to boost their views

The lowest amount of views a shop owner can boost is 2 views and each boosted view cost 30 Naira

Please note that the boosted view option will be deactivated after 4 days after the final phase commences 

Payment Security

Please do note that we are using a well secured third party payment platform that ensures that all your information are safe and well protected. After each transaction, your bank details are disposed and not kept and thus, this guarantee you maximum security

Payment Methods

You are provided with two payment method:

  • Pay with Card: To proceed with this transaction, you will need to input your the details on your credit card and once successful, the boosted views will automatically reflect on the shop
  • Pay with USSD: If you are not comfortable making payment with card, you can try out this method to make payment with a USSD code. Once you tap on this method, you are provided with list of available banks, you then select your bank from the list. After which you are provided with a USSD code written in bold. Tap on it to dial it or copy the code to your phone and dial the code. Once successful, come back to the payment page and tap on I’ve completed the payment and your payment will be automatically approved and the boosted views will reflect after you refresh the promo page

Payment Went through but views did not reflect

Transaction receipt will immediately be forwarded to the email you provide when you want to boost views.

If in a scenario your transaction was successful and the views did not reflect, you can forward the transaction receipt in your mail to us via stating the number of views you boosted and the name of the shop

One of our representative will respond to you within the shortest time possible and reprocess your transaction from our end once details are verified

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